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Phuket attractions

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Whatever your preference, Phuket promises a magnificent and memorable experience and some excellent Phuket hotels. So whether you enjoy world-class diving, jungle treks to tropical waterfalls, island hopping by speedboat, serene cruises amongst fascinating nature or lying back and relaxing on white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, Phuket has something to suit!

As you travel to Phuket from the mainland, you leave the southern Thai province of Phang-Nga behind you, reaching the far southwest of Thailand...

Phuket travel information

In the north of the island is the Khao Phra Taew Forest Reserve and Sirinat National Park, together protecting rainforest and marine environments, including Nai Yang beach where sea turtles lay their eggs. Between these two pristine areas lies Phuket International Airport and the main road leading to the tourist beaches in the west and south of the island.

Phuket's unique location, nestled on the edge of the Andaman Sea, on Thailand 's southwest coast about 860km south of Bangkok , gives the island a diverse range of environments to explore, from sandy beaches to island-dotted seas and the tropical mountainous rainforest of the interior.

On the western coast lies Patong Beach , one of the most popular areas with a busy beach and plenty of bars, hotels and restaurants – all developed to serve a thriving tourist industry. During the day, there are beach bars and market stalls selling sarongs, jewellery, silk, clothing and souvenirs. When the sun sets, the town comes alive with a vivacious and industrious nightlife.

A little further south and you reach Karon Beach, a beautiful white sandy bay offering a less hectic atmosphere than Patong. It still offers a selection of bars and restaurants, but with a more upscale clientele staying in the large resorts that dominate this area. The side streets are worth exploring though, you will find local art galleries, market stalls and pubs with a real Thai flavor.

The third main tourist beach is Kata Beach, in the south of the island. It is a stunning bay, attracting a family clientele due to its safe beaches and friendly restaurants. There is a picturesque small island, Koh Poo, to the north end of the beach with a stunning coral reef that is excellent for swimming and snorkelling and where scuba diving equipment is available.


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A journey to the eastern side of the island will take you to Phuket City, a town with a multicultural history of trade and architecture. It is a bustling city where residual character meets contemporary sophistication. You still see Buddhist monks roaming the streets and traditional Thai fresh food markets, but this is combined with upscale restaurants and modern shopping centres. Whether you are going to stay in Phuket town or on the beach there are numerous Phuket Hotels to choose from, budget for backpackers to 5 star resorts for luxurious holidays.

From Phuket City you can catch a ferry to the outlying smaller islands around Phuket, the Similan Islands to the northwest or the Koh Phi Phi Islands to the southeast.

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The Unique Culture Of Phuket Island, Thailand

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